One of my earliest childhood, memories is sitting on the floor or at a table with paper and pencils. Of course all children draw and paint, but apart from an interest in horses it was all I did. My mother tells me I would draw for hours with nary a sound coming from my direction. I have no idea where the desire to create art came from but it always felt natural. To this day its the only thing (apart from horses) that I am interested in.

This interest continued to high school when I applied for a place a Glasgow School of Art (GSOA). Fortunately I was accepted and entered a wonderful establishment with some real characters both in the teaching side and my fellow students. It was a magical place and I never wanted to leave! To this day I am still in contact with some dear friends that I studied alongside.

The odd thing was that I had never really painted before I entered GSOA. I had certainly never used oils.